A panacea for body and mind

We also focus on local products for our wellness area. We only use high quality natural herbs, oils and essences, sourced from this mountain area and in keeping with local culture.

Body massages

The energy massage technique has been used for millennia to aid relaxation and restore harmony to the body, mind and spirit. It stimulates circulation, helps detoxify the system, loosens tensions, relieves pain and restores vital energy.

The mountain pine, king of our spa

For our massages, we use mountain pine oil from the plateau of the Villandro Alp. This wonderful oil with its invigorating, restorative effects is much used in beauty products and aids to fitness. It is also an excellent remedy for illnesses such as colds or flu. There are many mountain pines up on the plateau of the Villandro Alp, and the young needles, tips of branches and thinner twigs are gathered to produce this very special oil.


A really relaxing massage for the body and the mind that will give you new strength and energy. It also promotes blood circulation and the elimination of toxins, loosening muscle tension.
50 Min. | 69,00 Euros

To loosen back muscles and relax your neck.

For a light sensation and to promote blood circulation. Effective against leg and foot muscle stiffness.

The singing bowl is used to relax body, mind and soul holistically. Inner blockages and tensions can be released.

30 Min. | 45,00 Euros

 singing bowl massage  

The singing bowl is used to relax body, mind and soul holistically. Inner blockages and tensions can be released. This is achieved through sounds that are not only audible but also tangible.
50 Min. | 69,00 Euros

Positive relaxation for the body, the mind and the soul, with our selected essential oils. The precious dwarf pine essential oil has a revitalising and regenerating effect, while the Swiss pine essential oil will calm the soul, reducing heart rate. Better balance and resistance.
50 Min. | 69,00 Euros

Eases back and neck pain and tension. Ideal for those who practice sports and in case of particularly stiff back.
50 Min. | 69,00 Euros

From the energy of warm stones comes harmony for the mind and the body: physical and mental wellbeing and awakening of the energy sources within our body.
50 Min. | 69,00 Euros

Forget your daily worries and enjoy total relaxation. Let yourself be pampered and fill with new energy.
90 Min. | 99,00 Euros

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Special Hiking weeks with your dog

Special Hiking weeks with your dog

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