Philosophy and sustainability

Thankfulness for a job that involves the joy of sharing, and kindness that comes from the heart...

... these are the main principles of our philosophy.
We focus on your well-being with great care and dedication.
We are proud to have so many guests who feel totally at ease in our hotel, and who come back to visit us regularly.


Why the environment is important to us

Sustainability and local sources are two central themes. You will notice that everywhere in our hotel.

Our basic principles

Spruce forest

Renewable energy and sustainability

  • Own energy production using woodchips and pellets 
  • Photovoltaic systems and solar panels to produce both energy and heat 
  • An innovative heat recovery system by means of a thermoelectric power generator (Blue Angel certification)
  • Use of electricity from renewable energy sources, certified as CO²-neutral and we use green electricity, which comes exclusively from South Tyrol
  • Since 2018, we have had a charging station for electric vehicles at each of our hotels
  • Use of local raw materials, produced by local artisans
  • Furniture for our suites and rooms using South Tyrol pine and spruce wood, all of it custom-made by local craftsmen
  • We use natural cosmetics and massage oils based on 100% natural essential oils (mountain pine oil from the Villanderer Alm)
  • Positive environmental balance-sheet
Bake bread

Because local is our lifestyle

  • Delicious, healthy cuisine made with products from our organic farm (beef from Scottish Highland cattle and pork from pigs raised outdoors. Large vegetable garden with aromatic herbs and vegetables)
  • Other ingredients from local farmers and producers
  • Savings on resources, organic production and respectful management of the environment all help to ensure the high quality of our dishes
  • The hotel's own bakery and pastry-maker
  • The hotel's own butcher's and smokehouse
  • Our own spring water
  • All this is also what makes the Adler a special place of strength. We look forward to seeing you!
Spring water

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Discovering culinary delights

The mountain calls

02.09.2023 - 15.10.2023
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The guided hikes in the low mountain range turn into pleasure tours thanks to the offered tastings. Enjoy it!