Hiking in the Dolomites around the Isarco Valley

"The world belongs to those who know how to enjoy it"(Giacomo Leopardi)

Glimpses of another world... 
When the mist begins to lift from the fields, you will catch sight of amazing vistas. The rocky massifs of the Sella Group and the Sassolungo emerge from a sea of clouds. The sun rises slowly, bathing the surrounding landscape in a warm light. All around you are alpine flowers, meadows, pastures and mountain huts.
Enjoying nature: hikes around Villandro, Chiusa and the Isarco Valley.

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Hiking in the Dolomites
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Shoulder your backpack and lace up your boots! Explore Villandro and around in the company of our guide. We organise from 2 to 5 guided hikes every week, which you can join as a single individual, as a couple, or with a group of friends!

The Villandro Alp with a rest stop at the hotel's mountain hut

We at the Sonnenhotel Adler are very fortunate, because one of the loveliest places in the world is right on our doorstep: Mount Villandro, a paradise for anyone who loves nature, hiking and sunshine. The Villandro Alp is home to some extraordinary natural sights, such as the Laghetto del Morto (Lake of the Dead), and the precise geographical centre of South Tyrol. And it is also the place where we have our mountain hut: the "Toamer Rastl". Once a week from June to October, our junior chef Walter organises a delicious (and fun) barbecue up at the hut! 

Villandro Alp
Chapel of Sant'Anna

The chapel of Sant'Anna

This charming little church is set in a small clearing, and dates back to the 18th century. For 150 years, it was the place where the more devout miners used to gather to practise their religion. It is not far from the now disused mine in Villandro, which was once one of the most important mining centres in Tyrol. The mine now functions as a museum, and is open to the public on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. This hike leaves straight from the Sonnenhotel Adler. Total time: 3 hours

From Villandro to the Tre Chiese (Three Churches) area

Three Gothic chapels, built next to each other and surrounded by flower meadows. These three little churches are open to the public, and are a wonderful place to visit, not only if you're interested in culture but also if you just enjoy life. For as they say: where there's two, there's generally three! Indeed, there are also three restaurants in the area, keen to welcome hungry hikers and pilgrims. From the hotel, turn right and continue uphill along the Strada delle Malghe (Almstrasse) until the first bend. Follow the sign for path no. 4 and turn left to the village of Kranewitt. From there, after about 200 metres, take the right turn uphill towards the Winterlehof hotel. Continue along the path above the road, across meadows and over the Zargenbach stream and so up to the Tre Chiese. The three little churches are right next to each other, and you can borrow the keys to visit them from the Messnerhof Inn. (Total time: about 3.5 hours for the round trip)

Three Gothic chapels
Mount Villandro

Mount Villandro (2,509 m) and Forcella Sarentina (2,468 m)

A wonderful hike at high altitude, crossing the wide pastures of the plateau of the Villandro Alp; also suitable for inexperienced hikers. Travel by car or bus from Villandro to the Baita Gasser car park. From here, follow the unpaved track no. 6 towards the Chiesetta del Morto (Totenkirchl in German), then bear left towards the Lago del Morto (Totensee). Follow a slightly steep path up to the plateau and continue towards the summit of Mount Villandro. Carry on south-west towards the Forcella Sarentina and the summit cross. Starting from the small hut, continue east on path no. 3, which takes you downhill to the mountain pastures and the Sella dei Sentieri. From there, you can return to the Baita Gasser on a wide tarmac road. (Total time: Baita Gasser - Chiesetta del Morto: 1.5 hours, Mount Villandro: 1.5 hours. Round trip: about 5 hours. Alternative route: climb up from the opposite side) 

Val di Funes - Adolf-Munkel Trail (about 2,000 metres)

Keep your cameras ready for some amazing shots. This is one of the most splendid trails in the Dolomites! Drive north from Villandro towards Chiusa. After 2 km, turn right into the Val di Funes. Continue to the car park of the Zannes Alp. From Zannes (1,680 m), take the hiking trail up to the Tschantschenon refuge (1,868 m), following the stream of the same name. From here, continue westwards along the Adolf Munkel trail to Malga Casnago. The descent takes you through the Dussler pasture and then back to Zannes. Total time: 4.5 hours

Val di Funes - Adolf-Munkel Trail
Circular route to the Barbiano Waterfalls

Circular route to the Barbiano Waterfalls

These falls are well worth seeing: they're 85 metres high! The path to the falls leaves from the centre of the village of Barbiano. The walk takes you first to the lower (but longer) fall, and then to the one above. In addition to the majestic falls, there are also other local sights, such as the Briol building, the Three Churches, and the leaning church tower in Barbiano ...

Mountain biking

  • Brenner-Bolzano cycle path (total length: 103 km, rideable in stages)
  • The Alta Via of Bressanone (16 km)
  • The Funes Gaps circuit (27 km)
  • Forest trails near the Sonnenhotel Adler
  • Mountain bike trail on the plateau of the Villandro Alp
  • Bike Park on the Plose (for freeriders)

Bike holidays

Mountain biking
Tennis player

Other summer activities

  • Tennis: use of the tennis courts in Villandro (only € 2 per hour)
  • Climbing: bouldering at the climbing gym in Villandro (€ 4 per day for adults)
  • Sport and alpine climbing in the Dolomites: with Matthias, the experienced and state-certified mountain guide from Villanders
  • Rafting and paragliding: close to Villandro
  • Golf: 18-hole golf course at Siusi allo Sciliar (30 minutes by car)

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